Zadkiel’s Vision



Zadkiel’s Vision



Within humanity lies a dream.

Some may call it contemporary and others sublime.

In truth is it ages old with it’s roots in all time.

The vision is of love.  Zadkiel says that at your core you know this truth,

covered over with ages of neglect and lies.  Covered over with distrust and clandestine 

masks of illusion ~ superlative quests of denial of your own truth.

Our vision – humanity’s vision, is one of a quest.  We are slowly awakening from the illusion that there is anything BUT love.  The truth of what you seek is in your simple nature…although it sounds cliché and somewhat incomprehensible… there is only Love.

Your entire third dimensional experience is and can only be held in place by the belief

that there is anything but love.  Fear it’s polar opposite holds the vibrational tension needed in order to create polarity.  We say ~ drop the rope.

The pain in your life lies in your relinquishing the truth that you are Love.  As real as any pain can feel…it is always your decision to rip yourself away from that which can only be. This pulling apart causes the pain.  I will be so bold as to say… you my dearest and most cherished beings of Love (all of humanity) are torturing yourselves.  Albeit unknowingly.  This is part of the great paradox.  And thusly I say…. ahhh the quintessential nature of the paradoxical mind.  For within the very nature of understanding the scope of all things you shall have your awakening.  Love is all things and pain the absence of it.

If you were to entertain for one moment that you could be anything but love…and were in some part not, this would then make you to some degree fear.  If you were comprised in any way of fear you would be in equal parts illusion.  So ~ if you are to any degree illusion, would this not make you of your own idea unreal?

This belief and mind constructed idea is fabricated from that in which only the mind can create.  The mind armed with ideas, facts and concepts … burdened with a multitude of attitudes, beliefs and information with out any tools or abilities to know the difference between truth and untruth.  If you cannot accept this, then think of how many times you have changed your truth or ideas of what is so or not so.  The mind is a computer, nothing more and nothing less.  It lacks heart.  Without running your ideas and concepts through your heart center your brain is an endless processor, never taking a break.  Having no off switch……running wildly out of control…never knowing peace.  And, many times becoming so deeply entrained within a mental constraint it cannot stop it’s own tape loop of thoughts.  Simply said, it’s missing the very program it was designed to have in order for it to function properly and is forced to operate within the parameters of it’s limited capabilities and capacities.  Thusly living in its own field of illusional isolation…. hell on earth.

A child is born living in it’s innocence.  Fully functioning and living in its integrated heart mind connection.  Soon it is shown…..this will never do.  You had better wake up to the truth.  You are living an illusion; the unintegrated, disconnected, wise elder will say.  You had better let go of your happy illusions and wake up to the fact that life is hell.  Little by little the mind/heart disconnect slowly and painfully takes place and darkness falls upon the light of the child.  The clandestine mask of illusion forms a veil and the third dimension is fully embraced.

Through the miracle of truth you shall awaken.  The upgrades and downloads are happening.  Humanity will and is remembering.  As real as it all seems, you never left home….the love that you are.  This is simply because the illusions you are processing in your within your mind constraint cannot be real anymore than a computer generated cartoon, unless ………  you begin to give all your thoughts and energy to it.  For it is the nature of the universal construct to create tangible realities from your dreams, illusion or truth.  

I say tangible because you experience it…. I say illusion because it is not the truth of who you are.  

This leads to getting reacquainted with living and feeling comfortable in trusting your heart again.  It has NEVER been a source of truth that the heart can abandon or lead you astray.  Only the mind can do that.  With practice, patience, grace and self nurturing, you can once again walk in Love, Peace and Oneness with the truth of who you are.  

I send you blessings of Love on the rays of Truth.  You are so much more than you have believed.  

I am Archangel Zadkiel.

You are Love

We are One

via Janet Gardner and Meredith Altimari