What if …..

What if…


What if everything you think about was nothing more that a story……what if everything each of us has been told is no more than that? 

What if each person or groups of people who have organized around these beliefs were just characters in their own epic tales?

What if all the beliefs we hold actually keep us apart rather than together…. keeping us suffering and alone?

What if there is only Love…. 

What if that were the only truth?  What if you truly knew what your deepest truths were?  What if our very stories kept us from that truth?

How do you think Humanity would then “Be” on our Earth?

What if our differences just made the stay juicier?  More interesting… like the swirling and changing colors in a kaleidoscope?


What if……


What would change within and for you?

What if we just loved with our heart……..and accepted each other for the unique and profoundly sacred being that we each are?


It would surely start with you….


May all your days be filled with child like wonder ~ 


With radiant blessings ~