What to expect during a healing?

Healing sessions with me are as diverse as my clients.  You can always expect a natural, supportive and welcoming environment.  During an imperson session you lie on a comfortable table, which is much like a massage table.  Fully clothed, you will most likely be cozy under warm blankets or a light sheet in Summer. Candles, relaxing music and aroma therapy using high grade, mostly organic essential oils are typically a part of the protocol.

If you choose a remote or long distance healing you will be in the comfort of your own chosen space.

After a discussion of what is to be addressed during your time here, we connect to Spirit and begin to move into Sacred Space.  An energy that is not only supportive and nurturing but healing and relaxing.  As you relax and breathe you allow the stress and chaos of life to melt away.  In doing so the stage is set for a deeper connection to yourself and your Source ~ from this place, deep healing can occur.

Depending on how you experience and interpret energy, you may experience warmth flowing into and through your body.  It is natural and common to see colors, experience visions or connect to a deep knowing, hear messages from your inner voice or from Spirit and/or feel energy moving through your body, as it makes it’s way through the body. There are those who go so deep they may feel as if they had been sleeping, when in reality they are in an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation.  This is not fearful but very much enjoyable. You will always have an awareness of what is happening around you.  It is from this peaceful place that you will gain clairity.

During your session I may use essential oils, speak to you of things that I encounter through my intuition or use my voice to form tones which assist you in releasing denser energies that are ready to be transmuted.  At times I will use other tools that produce a varying array of sounds or vibrations to loosen or break up stored or blocked energy.  These tools may be as simple as tapping stones together, rattling, drumming, the use of tuning forks etc.  Everyone’s body and Spirit responds to different methods. Guided meditation is another technique I use to help clients relax and go deeper. Messages may come through me from Spirit, sometimes spoken in English and at other times via the Language of Light, words your mind will not comprehend but your soul knows very well.  In this way Spirit can commune with you without going through the analytical mind.  Every session is different and tailored for the client in a way that is comfortable or appropriate for him or her.

Working in your energy field in this way enables me to intuit where you may be holding yourself back because of long held beliefs or how you have been viewing your life due to past trauma, shock, or negative past experiences, diseases, illnesses etc.  Energies  that you were not able to process at the time because you may have been too young or not knowledgeable enough – lacking the tools to process the experience or emotions.  This results in stuffing emotions which in turn weigh us down and constantly color our world.

Often times I end the session with a discussion of what I discover, if it hasn’t been mentioned during the session.  At this time I include spiritual counseling if the client is open and receptive to this type of discussion.  These exchanges enhance the session and empowers the client to make any necessary shifts and changes to support their growth, expansion and healing.
It is rare that someone does not experience deep relaxation and uncover some knowledge as to what is keeping them from being in harmony or balance, and leading a life of joy and prosperity.  You will be armed with information and tools so you are self empowered and can work on your own to heal and transform yourself.

If you are curious check out this article that was written about my work.

Angels Aid Healing – Living and Being Magazine
– August 2010 – published by the Poughkeepsie Journal and written by Linda Freeman..