What about Love




What about our right to LOVE?

The very essence of your existence.


The very thing you cannot NOT Be.

No one can take it away, but it can always be given.  It is eternal and infinite.

Everyone is up in arms about the right to defend themselves when all along the very essence of who we are is all that is needed to create Peace.

The antidote to contrast is Love.

The antidote to war is Love.

The antidote to dis~EASE is Love.

The antidote to corruption is Love.

“Love is the Essence of Healing within us all….”

It is interesting that the very thing we all desire burns within us.

If you are desirous of change on the planet, look within.

De-cloak you Light!

Let is burn so brightly, as if your life and all lives depended on it.

It won’t matter anymore who has a weapon and who does not.

The one thing every Being on this blessed planet desires is Love,

its the one thing there is no shortage of.

Every heart that beats has it.

Every cell thrives on it.

It makes no sense to me to carry the notion that I shall not Love until you do.

This very essence is capable of cracking open even the most hardened Heart.

Please join me in Being the brightest Light you can muster…

Let’s just be what we were born to Be.

Radiant Love… each in our own unique way!

Blessed Be.