We are becoming

In the simplest of terms, I feel that this is a time of powerful transformation on many levels.

I also feel that our experience of this process of transformation will largely depend on our belief system and our personal paradigm. There are so many beliefs and concepts of what all of this means…I feel none of them are wrong nor right.  Does anyone really know for sure what it may bring?

My belief is that we must approach life from Love.

The Love that is an energy verses the love we think of as an emotion.  How does your Love feel?  Does it wreak havoc with you?  Does it lead to jealousy and anger?  Does it come attached to expectations from others and yourself.  Does it have an agenda?  Or, does it leave you feeling whole and complete?

In my opinion, Love rests deeply within us.  It cannot be conceptualized.  It is boundless…….  As a state of being, it never falters, although we can falter from it.  We are Love, created in Love and Love remains our truth.  It is our choice as to whether we remain connected to it.  Either way, even in choosing fear….we will see on the other side of fear that Love remains unfettered.  

As ‘we’, the Earth and her inhabitants, move into the center of our galaxy we are aligning with deeper truths, or put another way into higher vibrations.  What are those truths?  Where are you vibrating? You will only know when you look within.  Where is within?  Like Love it knows no bounds.  Living your life being connected to your inner self will assist you.  It will predicate your experience of life.  Please know, life shows up the way you see it and everyone and everything around you is a living example of that.   Sometimes this is hard to see……. be aware of yourself, take total responsibility for everything in your life.  It’s a perfect system….the outer reflects the inner.  If you cannot figure it out, just look around.  There is always someone nearby who will mirror for you.  Accept this as a gift.  When we ask our higher power to please ‘show me’ it comes in many forms.  Next just pay loving attention, have awareness ~ be gentle with yourself.

Powerful energies are being given to us at this time.  Entrainment occurs from this, pushing all untruths, wounding, fears…..to the surface to be healed.  There are many ways to allow these feelings/emotions to clear.  The most important advise I can give you is to NOT repress them.  If you look at them as an emotion,
and remain a witness (not becoming them just staying neutral and as a child, witnessing… from a place of innocence) they will move through you and clear.  

At the end of all of this………may we all move together, as a one Unit ~  ……into Peace and Love.  This happens as each of us are called to shine our Light, bring our greatest gifts to the world and let go of our fears. I wish for you to be able to  see how simple an act this is through the blessings of Grace ~