Uncloaking the Inner Child



Uncloaking the inner Child 


You are born into this world all knowing.  You are a channel and a current of love ~ a spirit.  You are a unique blend of consciousness known as a soul who takes on a physical form.  You are in no way diminished from the wholeness of your true spirit.  


Although you are only a drop of the vastness of your Beingness…. you contain all that you are or ever will be, just as a drop of the ocean contains all of that which is the ocean.


I have realized that what some call our inner child, is not so little and not so powerless, but the preserved part of our true essence. Our magnificence. Our original – God Created in Divine Perfection – Essence.


The layering of beliefs about ourselves then begins to occur and that can cover up, veil or seemingly remove us from the truth of knowing who we are.  

We are constantly broadcasting energies out into our sphere of influence (life)… and in turn attracting to us what we have come to believe about ourselves and the world.  These beliefs come to us from many places, people and things, to reflect back to us what we are projecting onto ourselves. Or, the way we have separated ourselves from our True Self. 


I no longer see inner child work about our so called wounded child, but more about what we have told ourselves.  What we have layered around the truth of our all knowing soul. The Our child like innocence is not at all powerless or vulnerable… innocence can take on a connotation of easily becoming a victim.  All the guarding we accumulate as a result of our experiences does not protect, it masks the truth our our Divinity.


It is easy to become angered when life reflects back to us what we have cast upon ourselves…not knowing that what we have been shown and told by our peers, parents, environment, teachers, preachers and more….is only a reflection of their own delusions and pain. 


As it can only be…. our hologram (the part of us that is projected here) and our experiences of life shift, when we acknowledge that we can never truly be less than or victims of others.  We believe our life experiences into existence through the layers or filters that mask our Love. 


I am in no way saying that life is painless or challenge free… these experiences we live through are real and often horrifying. They are designed to bring us to our knees so we have no where to turn but to our own Love….which is the One Love.  I acknowledge all of your pain and also realize we don’t always know what to do with it. Loving yourself is the remedy. Loving others will then come naturally.


When we see ourselves as our own creators, we begin create consciously rather than merely creating from the unconsciously created self who thought it was compromised or imprisoned but never left HOME.


I envision a world of conscious co-creators, each of us bringing forth the untouched Peace, Love and Oneness that dwells within.  


We truly are free…. the door to our ‘prison’ has never been locked…. only masked, and boy of boy can that seem real.



Janet and Janisara