The Subtle Self

The Subtle Self


Underneath the noise and chaos a lullaby is being sung.

It’s soft essence speaks to you,

it’s love will embrace you and guide you All along.


Step into your rhythm it sings,

like a siren from a distant shore does beckon.

Be with me and listen silently to the truth of my sweet song.


Come with me and glisten

with the essence of who you are.

My song is of your being~ness 

and I will never steer you wrong.


To hear me be still my child,

my symphony will no longer be so faint.

My softness dwells within you,

I’ve been here all along.


Listen to my melody, 

my gentle words of truth.

I’ve resonated from deep within you

from the moment of your birth.


Allow this inner lullaby to be the sun

in which your life revolves around.

I will always warm the way for you,

together we are bound.


janet gardner 1/13