The Sounds of the Universe


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Sounds of the Universe ~ Our Sacred H~Om



The Blessings found in riding the waves of rhythmic patterns and sound, expressing yourself through your magnetic heart that makes you all so profound.


Deep within you there is a pulse, connecting all of you 

in sweet harmony and love.


Through deep listening and sharing of your own vibrations,

you will realize your connectedness to all that is.


It brings you into resonance and a state of belonging….

the joy of sharing that of which I AM.


I long to hear each of you in your natural sounds as you play … 

for your voices and rhythms form a harmony that unites us 

in a most powerful yet subtle way.


Your collective heart beat… 

one love, one voice, one mind, ~ 

brings you together in ways that are whole and so sublime.


It’s in your sharing and receiving that you will heal…. 

as you open to the rhythms that expand throughout the universe and restore the forgotten connection to that which is real.


Listen to the wind speaking across all that it touches.


Listen to the water as it flows across the land and rises and falls against the shores.


Listen to the sweet sounds of birds and beasts…

and hear a rose as its scented bud unfurls.


Listen to your heartbeats and the breath that drives its love.


Listen to your brothers and sisters as you all come home on the wings of the dove.


For what you think is up above is really found within.


In infinite vibration…. we are… all that has ever been.


Janet Gardner