The meaning within the Sacred H ~ Om Logo

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The Meaning Within…….

The Sacred H ~ Om Logo

This is what the logo signifies for me and what I would like it to represent but not be limited to.

The fibonacci spiral at the top relates to the breath of life, The One Breath… a sequence of cycles, which holds rhythms and resonance ~ the oneness of us all.  The infinite cycles within our bodies, the earth …  out into the universe, through the multi verse and into infinity in a never ending spiral.  It represents Unity in contrast to a linear line or duality and separation.  Like our DNA we are spiraling through the Universe on a never ending journey back to wholeness. 

The tear drop represents us, humanity The One Mind, human consciousness, looping down into the Earth plane …. as emotional beings that are in a constant state of change.  It represents how we are all comprised of the same element ~ water. It represents the Holy Spirit.

If you think of a tear drop it is in transition from one place to another.  I see humanity as one incredible waterfall consisting of individual dropplets but all part of the same river….. falling from and surrendering back into wholeness.

It represents the evolution of humanity, along with our compassion, love and ultimate surrender into all that is, our interconnectedness.  To me it shows us coming to Earth from all that is and joining together as humanity ~ our pouring forth into wholeness and our pure potential of Love.

Water is free flowing and shows us our natural state of surrender,  verses the times where we resist our natural state of flow.  Water is symbolic of the sacredness of all life.  And even when large boulders of resistance dwells within us, our free flowing spirit takes that very resistance and wears these obstacles away so that we may come H~om to the love that dwells within.

The sacred OM Symbol is the sound of the universe that connects us all… and the lotus of the diamond light within the OM is what each of us are.


The Lotus is our pure potential, who we are at our core.

The Diamond Light is the multi dimensional radiance … the ray of light that connects us all to our pureness, our God Self and Source. 

The Pink and Blue/ Green represents the masculine and feminine and the twin flame merger…. yin and yang in perfect balance…and healing on all levels.

The Gold represents the Christ consciousness, that which unites us all in Sourse Love.

If you are drawn, meditate on this logo to help you integrate all of these energies within your Being…. 

Blessings on you journey H ~ Om.