The Field Of Infinite Potential

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The Field of Infinite Potential 

Actualizing our creative and inherent abilities…..

Spirit has asked me to connect to this field in the way that I do when I create a SoulSound Portrait®, and hold energy and tone for an hour each day.  Part of my intention, as I do this, is to hold space for a beautiful and successful connection for anyone choosing to harmonize and resonate here.  It was through my own connection to this field that I was given the concept and details of SoulSound Portraits®

The field of infinite potential contains infinite possibilities, that each of us on an individual level and a collective level can be inspirited by.  Humanity at large ~ groups of people uniting to achieve a goal that uplifts the earth ~ and individuals will be creatively stirred through this connection.  The power we have available to us to envision and create a New Earth is vast and profound.

You are invited to come here often…. to remain connected as much as possible.

Know that this field is available to you at anytime.  And you can use its multidimensional properties for personal and/or unified group achievements.

If you sit quietly and intend to connect you will…. discover how you might be informed through this relationship. May you be gifted by its whispers to your Being.  May you be guided as you bask in the unified field of all that is.

It is here where you can reconnect to a long forgotten gift that lies waiting for your arrival… and in turn offer the world your unique expression of Love.  Find an enlightening solution to a perceived problem or unearth a whole new inspiration that can sweeten your life and that of humanity.  The key here is that it benefits All!

To connect to this field, all you need to do is quiet yourself… breath and ground.  Ground deeply into the earth’s core and begin to expand your field.  Expand outwards and upwards into the realms of non duality where wholeness knows no opposites.  Just use your intention, as energy flows where desire aims its intent.  Expansion is paramount to this endeavor.  

In essence, there is no up nor down, its all right there within you… within your own (or the collective’s) consciousness.  A shift in vibration, a shift in consciousness. A shifting into the field of Infinite Potential. 

May we meet in the field ~

Blessed Be,

Janet Gardner