For more current Testimonials visit SoulSource Healing Module.   I have developed this technique after many years of working with healing energies and clients.  I’m very excited about the amazing results from this unique method.

I went to see Janet for a session for reasons of wanting to let go and release some mixed messages I had become aware of, that I was sending myself; some emotional issues I was ready to let go of but at the same time wanting to hold on to them.  Ultimately, I knew letting go was the answer if I wanted to set myself free of limiting resistance within me.  I had never had a formal “healing/release” session.  I had done various meditations, some brief energy exercises, so this was a new experience.  Janet made the experience meditative and transformative for me.  I focused on my breathing and Janet took care of the rest, and created a sacred space for me, in which she facilitated the discharge of blocks of energy that I had been so ready to release. Within this sacred space, I felt safe and free to allow the healing. I now feel ready to move forward.  Thank you, Janet !! 


I first met Janet a few years ago during a meditation class she was teaching.  It quickly became clear to me that she is on the earth at this time to be a teacher of unconditional love.  I was awed about how non-judgmental she was, and how she just seemed to want to ‘invite’ everyone to become more true to themselves.  She always encouraged everyone to grow and learn from their own place of comfort, without any force at all, and with great compassion.

As I have gotten to know her more throughout the past years, my appreciation of her and her gifts to this world have only grown.  I have seen her personally evolve and explore, which in turn brings more authenticity into her work.  She is endlessly finding new avenues of expression; all to help others on their path, whatever that may be. 

There is no question in my mind that Janet is one of the forerunners of bringing the New Golden Age of Earth into being, and I feel very blessed to have become friends with her.

 ~ Karen Corrado


Meeting Janet was a turning point in my life. Like most people who grow up in big families, I was programmed to act and believe in accordance to what is acceptable to the family. If your thoughts are different from what the oldest in the family is teaching or thinking you are always wrong. You learn not to go against the family.  One day I became tired of not being able to trust, believe in myself or believe that I could achieve more than my ancestors did. Its not your parent’s fault, but their beliefs aren’t always true. Or, should I say I was not in harmony with myself,  living by their standards. Now its your turn to look at what is going on with your life. It was a battle, Janet taught me to trust in myself and know that what I was feeling was of my truth. Everyone in life has their own path and set of beliefs, it’s nobody’s job to make us happy…we make our own happiness. Janet helped me to stop suppressing my thoughts, though talking, meditation, and energy work. I feel like she has  helped me to get in touch with who I am and want to be, (accepting myself for who I am) and get passed other people’s judgment toward who I want to be. Janet taught me that the only reason why I could not achieve what I wanted ,was because I didn’t believe in myself. THAT HAS CHANGED! I now feel like I am special by just being me, and if someone doesn’t want to be with me that is not because I’m not a special person.  It’s their stuff.  That is just one of the many things I have learned from Janet being in my life. I feel like she is a very spiritual being and she is a gift from the universe, I never thought my life would turn around the way it has. I’m no longer afraid to take chances on what I believe in. Janet taught me If I don’t take a chance on what I believe in then it will always just be a thought and not a dream come true.

Maria G. Beck


~ Thank you Janet, for sharing your beautiful gift with me day in and day out. I am in awe of the healing we do together and I am in awe of the growth I have seen in myself from the healing you helped me awaken to. What I love most about having a session with you is knowing that you are opening a door for me, encouraging me to step through it, gently guiding me to answer my own questions, assisting me in a shift of perception, and following it all up with your unique way of making sense out of my non-sense! You are a beautiful soul and I am so fortunate to share your friendship and to be touched by your compassion.
Meredith Altimari – Pembroke, NH

~ Long distance healings…sounds like long distance love:  no need to stretch, it’s already inside, waiting for someone to unfold it.  You read my heart and spirit with tender clarity, and I have your words printed to keep my focus true. Now I finally have a fondness for technology! You may be parked in Marlboro, but we are One.
Love you and thank you, –b, New Hampshire

~ I found Janet to be very friendly and she has a way about her that puts you at ease. The experience was warm, comfortable and safe. She addresses the cause, and facilitates spiritual healing by releasing the related effects and symptoms. She is intuitive, gifted, giving and sensitive. Her guidance and healing have given me more peace of mind. When you leave her, you have the feeling she is not only a teacher but also a friend. I am looking forward to future sessions.  – Chris


~ A Channeled Testimonial
We are the soul group of Annassa and we wish to convey our deep appreciation for Janet’s willingness to invite our energies in to her healing sessions. We make up a very large soul group consisting of Angels, Spirit Guides, as well as Divine Energy Beings and we desire to assist all of humaninty in its unique journey through Earth School. Janet has opened her spirit, mind, and physical temple to be a conduit of harmony for the complex energies of the Divine and she does this with grace, integrity, and love. We invite you to experience a new way of looking at your whole being, we are excited to know you, we are eager to heal with you. We are Annassa, we honor you.

~ Janet Gardner’s hands-on healing work has been the “xanax of the metaphysical world” for me, given the ongoing stress I have experienced over the years. Perhaps one of the best analogy to describe a session with Janet is the feeling one gets after being on vacation after a week in a beautiful tropical island……peaceful, serene and renewed. Janet’s type of healing work isn’t work. It’s a gift to mankind. -Andrea Martone, NYC publicist

~ During a particularly busy and difficult period in my life I allowed Janet to do a healing from afar. As I hung up the phone I became distracted, forgetting all about Janet’s healing. A few hours went by and I found myself talking to my girlfriend on the phone, laughing and feeling lighter than I had in days. Suddenly I remembered Janet and her work, and I knew my lightness was a direct result of it. I am eternally grateful that this gentle woman, who is so gifted in her healing abilities, has come into my life. Thank you, Janet, for aiding me in this journey we call Life. -Kate, New Hampshire

~ My healing sessions with Janet are always profound. She brings in an amazing amount of light and healing energy. I can feel the stress lifting from my body and dissolving. At the same time I feel the light and love of God surrounding me and filling me with peace. Janet is truly a gifted healer and a great blessing to us all.   -Terra Sonora, Angel Chaneller

~ Janet Gardner is a true healer.  She has helped me find the peace within my self and guided me on my path to become a more enlightened psychotherapist.  She has always represented love in its true essence. I am grateful that she is in my life.      -Joy.