Tantrum – ing Humanity



Tantrum-ing Humanity…. 

needs a time out.




The world at large is moving into a new paradigm as many of you already know.

Not only has humanity reached the precipice of a new age, as planets and stars align to systematically bring forth new energies and frequencies previously unavailable to you, you are simultaneously starting a new year within your zodiac. As the previous year’s wheel comes to a halt, with it comes a downward pressure on what remains and this is causing many to react in a multitude of ways. It has left behind a fine grist of our past and humanity is trying to put this to order.   We have learned to greatly fear the unknown and some are gripping hard against a new beginning.  

As you emerge from watery Pisces into fiery Aries in a new year, with it comes a back sludge of old and no longer serving emotions.  Some with which you have been refining for what seems like an eternity and/or at the same time dealing with issues that have surfaced seemingly out of nowhere. Out of the depths of your most creative concealment they emerge.  

I ask you to greet them with open arms and open hearts…. with gratitude, reverence, self love and compassion.  These ways of being are not the truth of who you are. Greet them at the door; a door you can imagine at the top of a very dark and deep basement stairway; and be witness to their passing upwards and out….. watch them exit your flung open, grand front doors as they evaporate on the rays of golden white light.  The light that now shines brightly upon all of you collectively. I ask of you, do not mistake them as something you are, but only that of which you have suppressed when you did not have the elevated consciousness to move through them.

Many are clinging to their dysfunction….not knowing what could possibly be on the other side, or that there even is another side. This behavior isn’t conscious in this way, but like the cocooned caterpillar….it has no idea how it will emerge and take flight or that it even will.  As a tantrum-ing child refusing to let go.  Only to find that on the other side of the dysfunction – through the door of vulnerability – one can find their greatest and most cherished dreams.  Your greatest gifts and pleasures…your raison d’être.

As you step into your grace in regard to a change within you and life its self, you will begin to acquire the self mastery it requires to stay the course and reach your goals.  These new energies bring openings to your all knowing and all seeing self.  Call forth your collective experiences… from eons of lifetimes and bring them forth to the now.  Great blessings await you.  Be brave sweet warriors of the light.  Your time has come to take charge of your life and shine.  Allow your eyes to adjust to the brilliance of who you are.  Engender patience for yourself and others, learn to focus, still the mind, take residence in your heart. I urge you to dig deep into your self and take root.  Inside you is everything you have been looking for.

Throw your wishes on the petals of your own brilliance and release them on the rainbow’s prism and know that you are deeply and unconditionally loved.



I Am

Archangel Zadkiel

via Janet Gardner and Meredith Altimari