SoulSource Healing Module®

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SoulSource Healing Module®

Activate your connection to your soul’s potential with this unique and innovative healing technique that is created and facilitated exclusively for you … in union with your soul’s essence and Source.

SoulSource Healing® offers healing on a deep and profound level … a soul level… where opportunity for constructive, lasting change is initiated.  Some aspects of the healing may be very noticeable and other aspects will be subtle yet profound.  Deep healing is a process of unfoldment.

If your curious about the experience of others who have received a SoulSource Healing® see the reviews below!


Through combining techniques that I have been shown by Spirit and developed over lifetimes, this modular healing system is created and in turn absorbed, integrated and processed by you.

SoulSource Healing® is an intricate system of woven codes of light, color, sound, sacred geometry, crystalline pranic plasma and language of light… along with other techniques that I have been gifted with, contained within a sacred geometric module.

You are not physically present for the healing, as there is no time nor space at this level of healing.  In some aspects it is like an animated living prayer.  A holy and sacred healing vehicle, and its potential beyond human comprehension.

The healing lasts as long as needed (as the unfoldment occurs) and is available when needed. It is a non-local energy field that shifts and adjusts according to the requirements of your multidimensional body and it’s innate ability to heal. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects are addressed along with the many complex systems of our bodies.

When the Healing Module is no longer complementary to your healing requirements, the module collapses and a new module can be created if desired. Or, perhaps you will no longer need this type of support. The healing is received by you when you are able to be still and open to receive, although it is a nice experience to be able to receive as the module is being created, it is not necessary by any means.  We all have busy and demanding schedules.

Cost: $ 75   (just click on the contact me link at the top of the page to arrange your session.)

Consider combining the SoulSource Healing® with a SoulSound Portrait® which can enhance your experience and help you open to receive the healing on expanded levels.  When ordered as a package I will create the SoulSound Portrait® at the time of the healing module. The energy will be woven into the recording to enhance your experience with every listening.


“I have been experiencing pain in my hip area for a year due to inflamed tendons and ligaments and muscle spasms. In that time, my pain level consistently hovered daily between 7 – 10 on the pain scale. I would wake each day at a 10 and hope for a reduction to about a 7. In addition to the constant pain, I began to feel emotionally drained and agitated, unable to fully enjoy simple activities. 

Other side-effects from the pain were loss of sleep, irritability and a loss of focus and/or interest in offering my own spiritual gifts to others. Ultimately, this experience began to feel like a mild depression that just wouldn’t lift. 

I received a Soul Source Healing from Janet about 3 weeks ago and within a day, my pain dropped to a 5. I didn’t even notice at first that there was improvement because I had adapted to compensating for pain for so long, I was behaving as if it were still a 10. Janet checked in with me regularly and asked me how I was feeling, if anything had changed. It was because of her follow up with me that I would become more self-aware and discover that miraculous change was taking place.

Within five days of my SoulSource Healing® my pain level was at a 3. In a whole year of bi-weekly acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care I had never achieved a reduction of pain so dramatic and lasting. My hip is still healing, and my pain is now, consistently between 1 & 3. I marvel at how small my world was becoming, how it was closing in instead of expanding because of relentless physical pain. In the last three weeks I have begun sleeping better, I have increased my activity, the mild depression has lifted and my spiritual gifts are reawakening. I have explored holistic healing and energy healing for more than 20 years and I have had great personal benefit from energy healing and have always expected to ‘feel’ something from a session. I wanted to come away from a healing session with a lasting impression.

Strangely, when Janet offered the SoulSource Healing®, I had no such expectation due largely in part to my weariness of compensating for my physical circumstances. I never felt the SoulSource Healing® come into my being and lift or repair anything and I feel the miracle of my continued healing from receiving the SSH is its gentle, quiet harmonization to MY specific nature. 

This healing is beyond intuitive, it is synchronized to my individual soul frequency. It is as unique as my fingerprints. This healing is alive and tailor made for me. I know in my bones the SSH has saved the quality of my life. It has lifted the insanity of agonizing daily pain, it has re-opened the doors to the world for me. I can breathe deeper and easier, I’m not limping anymore, I can walk up a set of steps unassisted again, I can wake feeling rested in the morning, I can play on the floor with children and I can smile again.”    – Meredith A.  New Hampshire

“SoulSource Healing® was a “holy experience” for me. My crown chakra expanded widely and the energies deepened  within it. The energies flowed down my body with a golden warmth.  A very sacred experience.  

If one already has ascension issues going on, this healing technique pushes it forward in a beautiful new way.

I have been working on ascension issues and SoulSource Healing Module helped push me forward to get over a big block in a beautiful new way!  This modality really goes deep within to ‘restore balance and remove blockages and patterns.’  It isn’t over yet either!

Thank you so much Janet!”  – Pamela

“The winter was hard on all here in the Northeast.  I had allowed myself to go to some dark and cold places.  On this journey I had travelled so many roads, but none had set so many boundaries and roadblocks!  After the SoulSource Healing® lots of my sparing partners came to the surface and we duked it out.  I have found that dark cloud lifted and I am moving forward with the passion for life and the love and joy of my new found freedom!  Thank you Janet xoxoxo  sf

“The process of healing is dynamic and multidimensional. I have felt more clarity about decisions, a heightened sense of intuition and my energy is returning. There is a space, I feel, being held for me, to return to where healing can continue to occur whenever I need it, like an access portal to my soul’s inherent state of perfection. As I transition through my own healing process, I reach layers of simplicity and complexity simultaneously occurring. As if confronting the duality of the so called reality I have identified with. My readiness to ascend through this progression is delayed and sometimes hindered by my attachments to the physical. I accept it all as part of my journey. Every detail deserving attention.

Thank you for sharing your gift! As others experience this, the results will begin to gain momentum and become accumulative for all”.  – Indigo

**This is an update from Indigo 3 weeks after her initial healing: Hu, my beloved friend!  I have to share with you the news that my healing process has surely continued to evolve.  I feel less pain, and more clarity about what I need to do…something I have been unable to do for a long time.  Love and Blessings …

“First I noticed all the things I had put on the back burner, are up front and on high. Not just for me but also my two sons. I know this may sound silly but I’ve been play golf for seven years. I played the other day and I was hitting the ball way better than I ever have.  My partner was amazed….I said it has to be the energy I’ve been channeling.

The ball was flying and It was effortless. I feel like I can do anything….let’s hope I don’t get carried away!   haha”  -mb

“Transcending”  – john