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SoulSound Portraits™ is a channelled voice recording incorporating over-tone singing, toning, light language, healing frequencies and your soul’s essence. This creates a portal of harmonic resonance that speaks to core truths deep within your being. Experience aspects of your spirit through a portrait of sound that helps you to connect, remember and integrate your multi-dimensional self.

In the short time since it’s inception I have been getting incredible feedback from the people who have received their personal recordings.  I will be posting some of them below.  Others are saying that their experiences are too sacred and personal to share.  When I created SoulSound Portraits™ had no idea how powerful this system of healing was going to be and how deeply people would be effected.  One comment was, “I have been waiting a long time for this opening (within myself)”.  Another received detailed past life information which brought great clarity and healing to present life issues.  

I am also hearing that each time the recording is listened to, the deeper it takes them…opening them to more and more each time. 

To say the least, I’m more than thrilled!

How SoulSound Portraits™was born.

The concept of SoulSound Portraits™ came to me while doing a remote healing on a friend.  Spirit gave me specific information as to how to work with her, how to use multidimensional energies to shift and entrain vibrations that were out of harmony with her wellbeing.  As I was doing this, I was given a download or packet of information that contained the idea/concept of creating a healing sound matrix of energies. From this expanded place, I was guided to use my voice, intuition and healing abilities.  The sound module was to be recorded so the recipient could listen to it anytime they felt drawn. This modality of sound healing could be uniquely created for anyone coming to me for assistance along their healing journey… each SoulSound Portrait™ would support the person it was created for in a way that was perfect and right for them.  As the recipient energetically shifts and changes a new sound module can be created to support what is unfolding within, as they continue to grow and expand.  In it’s essence it is like steping into your own unique healing chamber.

It is short, simple and is as easily accessible as your nearest mobile device or computer.  

Please do not listen while driving or doing anything that takes concentration and would put you at risk.  

Recordings are unique and channelled for each individual, then sent in an mp3 format to your email address.

Sample:  Just sit quietly, in a quiet place and open to receive, as you would a meditation.  The Sample below is created for the collective consciousness:

Comments from recipients:

“Wow.  I feel very quieted after listening to my SoulSound Portrait™.  I felt you were expressing a distant part of my soul that is calling me back.  This is such a beautiful, brilliant concept.  And I really trust your capacity to tap into what is needed to bridge me to my multidimensional self.  I will listen again, especially the next time I am feeling stressed and out of sync with my Self.  Thank you so much for this, Janet! You are the best I know at holding the space you describe.  Seriously!”  am

“I have been listening to my SoulSound Portrait™each night before I go to sleep.  It clears my head of all the thoughts and cares of the day.  I am able to fall asleep right away!  
I have never before had this happen, as I am one to ponder for quite some time before I doze off.   It is interesting, too, that every time I listen to my SoulSound Portrait™ it’s almost like I’m hearing it for the first time.  
There is always a different tone or note that stands out.  I highly recommend anyone who constantly has random thoughts and head running (repetitious thoughts) to use this unique tool. 
I feel blessed to have one of my own. Thank you, Janet!” kc

“OH MY, Janet!!! I began to cry as soon as you started toning….. then sobbed, but it felt like a deep, indescribable love!  So hard to put into words… transformative… felt the energy of ME so tangibly!  My deepest gratitude to you for this, and for all that you ARE!” js

“Awesome and beautiful!  I was experiencing a respiratory attack from pollen that was the worst that I have ever experienced just before listening. While listening my nasal passages and lungs became clearer and clearer.” jc

“It was so uniquely beautiful.  At some parts I got chills/shudders and felt like I was receiving Angelic hugs – or ET hugs or ??? hugs.  I also felt energy in my crown chakra and somewhat of an expansion in my head. I do like it and hope to be able to do it again.  Thank you very much.” pf  

“Listened to the sounds again… chills, peace and deep calm.  I felt a bright light above my head shining on me. 

I’ve already stopped doing it at night since usually the morning experience lasts all day!   My heart explodes with happiness and joy ~ such a wondrous experience for me.  Thank you again. When I go to sleep at night, I can feel the energies enveloping me.  I am sleeping much deeper and more peaceful.” pf

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 5 minute recording ~   $ 25

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15 minute recording ~  $ 60

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