Shamanic Healing

I have always felt a deep connection to nature, the elements and our Mother Earth.  My connection also includes wisdom passed down from other cultures, including Native American Indians, Mayans, Incans, and other ancient cultures that have lived on Earth in a very primal and connected way.  Before the distractions of modern civilization, when humans knew how important living close to the Earth was, they were impassioned by life, foraging or eating from their own gardens; connecting to nature and all of her elements and beauty.  The seduction of a sunset or a sunrise, star gazing, cloud watching or being near the ocean or a body of water. Also, listening to rainfall and the wind  and observing and listening to birds and animals were their natural way of Being at one with their environment. These powerful and basic forces are ours by birthright and are natural ways of healing.  Using herbs and tinctures grown and gathered seasonally and regionally, wild berries and fungi, fruits, nuts and vegetables locally grown or found in nature.

Through various types of Shamanic training and my own channeled information, many times during a session I will be guided to include powerful healing modalities from indigenous cultures.  Working with rattles, drums, stones, crystals and other natural elements such as my voice, feathers, rocks, and the energies of wind, water, air, fire and earth; I have found powerful combinations of healing techniques that not only help to move energy, but promote healing, clearing and grounding for the client.

Some sessions include the use of sage or copal (a beautiful and very high vibrational tree resin from Belize) which is lit and used as a smudge (smoke) to clear and purify the aura or subtle bodies.

The gentle tapping of stones or the vibration that comes from the seeds of gourds used as rattles are very effective ways to break up denser energies stored in the body, so they may be healed and released.  The rhythmic sound of a frame drum speaking to you and asking you to ground your essence and remember your connection to the earth.

Everyone responds to different types of healing techniques.  I use my inner guidance and intuition to tailor every healing I facilitate so the client receives the care and healing most suited and most comfortable for them to find peace, heal and enrich their life..