Seen and Unseen

Our Power is in the unseen, the illusion is in the seen.
We live in a sea of illusion, those thoughts generated by the ego mind.
That part of us which creates our identity and the identity of others. 
Our own projections of how we see the other and how we think they are.  And in turn respond and react to situations through this lens.
We tend to see ourselves and others in the world in this way.  A false identity…which is deepened by each of us as we walk deeper into the illusion. 
This is all based on our emotional wounding and our outside venues of culture, religion, local and national concepts and world ideas and thus becomes part of mass consciousness.  
To awaken from the dream one must pierce the veil of fear generated thoughts, the constant babble of the mind. The present moment will bring you to yourself, your essence, your awareness of self. Just the mere act of being witness to your own thoughts, emotions and actions will connect you to your essence.  For it is your essence that is the one who witnesses.
Feel your presence vibrating in your cells. Become self aware.  Live, think and act from this sacred place within you.  The outer chaos and elements of distraction are the very things that keep us from our truth.
The battle to stop the mind chatter will never end, and the fight gives strength to the endless thoughts. Your resistance to that which you believe to be against what you desire gives strength to the very same.
Be still and watch your thoughts, be the silent witness… this very simple act will connect you to your essence, for this One that witnesses is your subtle, all knowing, essence.  You cannot be the witness from outside of yourself.  Only the true self can bare witness and not make up stories.  This is your consciousness.  The all knowing all seeing aspect of yourself that is just present.  You will only  find yourself here, in the unfolding moment.  Never in the past or future which does not exist now.
Then you become informed rather than a story teller. Rather than a believer in every thought that crosses your mind.  You are not these thoughts, you are not your body.  Your essence dwells within your body but is not bound by it nor does it define it.
We have this notion that if we don’t push away, disagree, have resistance to that which we fear, to these ideas and concepts and things we do not want, they will somehow consume us.  The paradox is, we created them with our minds and give strength and power to them through our resistance to them and our focus upon them.  
We empower them and bring them to life via the constant watchful eye.  This resistance alone is energetic fuel enough to create the illusion and make it manifest…. it’s this very focus that not only brings it into our seemingly real illusion, but drains us of our energy and disempowers us.  Driving us further away from the truth of who we are.  
The truth is we are boundless.  We are love.  We are the One. There is no other.
By shifting our focus to being a witness we unleash untold frequencies of love, joy, compassion, understanding, oneness, peace, bliss and more …. thus manifesting these very things into our life ~ as reflections of where we are with ourselves and what we are focusing on. 
Our outer life is a constant mirror of where our focus and attention is with ourselves.  Of our deep unconscious thoughts.  Is your attention on the mindless chatter or your inner essence? Honor what shows up in your life and have gratitude for it.  Even for that which is painful.  Be present to this pain as you would your thoughts.  Having gratitude will instantly shift your vibration from being a victim and/or anger and fear to a higher vibration.  Being present will shift the pain into acceptance.
Only love can exist in the present moment.  And love will heal all.
“Love is the essence of healing within us all”
 janet gardner