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“It’s amazing what we can heal when we put our heart’s to it!”


Janet Gardner

Marlboro, NY 

Healing Facilitator ♦ Teacher ♦ Spiritual Advisor

Healing Sessions

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Shamanic Healing

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 Intuitive Energy Readings

Balancing and Grounding

Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Support

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I am a multi-dimensional healer who intuitively diagnoses energy imbalances (disharmony) within the body and use various types of healing techniques to release blocks, which exist on different levels of the human energy field…. physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As we learn how to have a deeper awareness of ourselves and our own energies, we can release and transmute discordant energies of fear, anger, grief, resentment, doubt, chaos, etc., as these energies are lifted we make room for new levels of consciousness and healing.

Accompanied by a diverse group of benevolent and loving angels, ascended masters and other beings of pure love and light, it is always my intent to be a pure and open channel for healing, divine wisdom and guidance.

During your session we will do an energetic reading that will help you to address and understand certain behavioral and emotional patterns that may lie hidden from your conscious mind.  The realization and understanding of these patterns can assist you in moving forward on your path of healing. In addition to energy healing you will receive practical advice and tools to assist you in your daily life, allowing for more permanent and profound shifts within.

When we are in harmony and connected, we can then begin to heal and in turn promote openings for growth in many areas of your life.  Letting go of tension and resistance allows the body to heal holistically (all levels) and provides the freedom to find balance via its own innate wisdom and intelligence.

All we need to do is let go, step back and get out of our own way!

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Heal Yourself

Know Stillness

Live your Dreams

Lead a more soulful life

Create the life you desire

Find inner peace and balance and wholeness




finding self confidence

releasing chaos

physical injuries

emotional trauma/disorders


unwanted thought patterns


lack of focus

finding confidence

releasing tension and stress

weight issues

fear and anxiety

general feelings of imbalance

anger and resentment

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In Person, Phone, Skype and FaceTime Sessions Available

Private Groups

If you have a group of friends who would like to gather for meditation and would like me to facilitate guided meditation and/or would like to gather for group healing, spiritual counseling etc.. please contact me.  There are no limits to what can be created, feel free to contact me with what ever needs you may have.

Corporations or Small Businesses

Many business and corporations now provide their employees with classes and workshops and even daily or weekly time segments which might include short healing sessions for balancing and relaxation, or group meditation and basic holistic support.  It has been shown that employees are much more productive and work together more closely so that new ideas and knowledge can be shared – giving birth to  powerful new resources. The harmony that results from such a rich and creative environment reduces stress and competition within the work place and supports a richer and more cohesive workplace.  When the employees work together in Unity everyone benefits.