Times of Great Change

These are times of great transformational changes within ourselves and our earth and many of us are feeling a need to adapt our bodies to these new high frequency energies. 

Physical and emotional symptoms that cannot be explained could possibly be the result of old patterns and fear based ideas that no longer serve us. The higher frequency energies that are coming to the earth cause anything of a lower vibrational nature to come to the surface via entrainment.

There are many ways to go about this process of releasing the old fear based energies and finding resonance with the love that is the truth of who we are. Fear based ideas vibrate at a very low rate. Issues around control, envy and drama keep us locked into the stories we tell ourselves about life.  It is wise not to judge this in ourselves nor others, as the energy of judgment is also of denser vibrations. Please be aware, we are all on our journey home and each of us is exactly where we need to be.  

Try to remember and know that fear is an illusion, a creation within your mind, a thought that you have given energy to. Try to divert your attention/focus toward something positive and joyful. Begin to tell a new story. One connected to your highest dreams.

I feel that true power is where you stand, within yourself, within your own truth, love and light. The journey is in discovering what these truths are and how they can support your own growth and healing process.

Emotions are the navigational tools we use.

The gifts we have been given – to teach us about ourselves and assist us on our journey. Paying close attention to them will prove to be quite beneficial as they guide us and show us where we are within ourselves and in relationship to our surroundings, each other and our world.  There are many techniques on how to work with the emotions.

By moving forward on your paths and allowing each and every thing you encounter to be embraced with love, looking at all things through your heart center, you will begin to find that “beauty is everywhere”. By resonating to the energies of love, you will begin to shift your perspective on how you view your life and your surroundings.

Part of what I do is to assist in moving these denser energies from within our bodies and facilitate you in allowing your inner light to shine so that you can experience Love, Peace and Unity.  

Once released you will begin to attract things into your life that reflect you inner light. Our outer world is always a reflection of our own inner landscape.

Please do not be afraid to let go, as you are not letting go of protection, but embracing the “light” that will guide you through your energetic changes. The more you can let go and move with loving ease, to surrender yourself to all that is, the easier your journey and lessons will be. I truly believe that the single most powerful way we limit ourselves is by resisting the potential within ourselves and connect to the gifts we hold within.

The sharing of these gifts with the world is what will bring you joy and set you free!!!

Be aware of yourself. 

When you find yourself in a pattern, one of those old repetitive patterns, stop and see that this is all that it is, a pattern. Give yourself the grace of letting go. Take each situation as it comes and feel with your heart. Allow intuition, your ‘knowingness’  to be your guide. Test to see if it is ego driving the energies of the moment or your higher, all knowing self. You will know the difference by the way you feel. Ego’s stance has a different charge to it than the truth of the heart.  Learn to know the difference.  Ego loves to be right, Love has no agenda. 

These are exciting times, in the guise of turmoil and chaos, ripe with the potential of change…. of quantum leaps in the consciousness of humanity…. providing all the ingredients for Peace on Earth.