Long Distance Healing






Remote healing ~ connecting to someone or something over distance through intention is in essence the same as in person. Energy is energy and it is effortless to work with someone energetically over long distances. I work long distance most days and the effects are as profound or maybe greater because you do not have the distraction of the physical presence when working in this manner.

Because energy follows intent,  it really has nothing to do with actually being in the presence of a Being.  Much like angels and Beings of light work with us when we ask them.  These energetic ‘miracles’ happen endlessly, many times without our knowing.

Although it is wonderful to lie on a healing table, listening to soft music and feeling totally safe and nurtured, it is not always possible to travel to your healing facilitator – across town, across the country or across continents.  Be assured it is no less powerful!

The psychic aspects of healing – receiving messages and reading energy is still present and reliable..