Life Expanding Awareness



Through the process of being a witness to myself, my thoughts, words, emotions,

I am deepening my relationship to my soul essence and expanding my experience of life and my perception of my existence.


As I go deeper into Being ~ I am also realizing more and more the part of me

who is here having this experience.


This experience is changing the way I feel, see and move through life.


Knowing that there is more of me here, has a certain benevolent power and comfort.


If you were to compare it to money…. it’s like finding out you have a fortune in the bank.


An unending river of potential…..


A deeper surrender to life,


still unfolding.



Life expanding


As I go


listening ~ feeling ~ knowing ~ being.


I shall not judge thyself nor you nor they,


Just step out and learn to play.


Come with me I ask of you,


let’s witness this life that’s here today.


Gone tomorrow we will never know


It matters not but how we go.


There is more of me here than I knew!


It’s comforting with no difference between me and you.


We are One – I know it now.


Simply let go and you will see


the profundity of life


and all that’s we.



janet gardner