Life Is Hard On Purpose

Life is hard on purpose !




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Each and everyone of us are shining multifaceted diamonds, and like diamonds we discover this radiance within by being under extreme pressure.


This pressure is self inflicted by the stories that we tell, ourselves and others.


And the telling of these stories over and over solidify its reflection in our lives.


The diversity that exists here on our planet Earth is held sacred by the Divine…created by the Divine…. as a platform for us to truly know and understand who we are and who we are not. The chaos and conflict that we are experiencing is a result of the fear we hold and the judgment that we project towards one another regarding our differences.  We will take a quantum leap in consciousness as we begin embracing and learning from our differences.  

If we were to tell a new and truthful story about ourselves ~ we would discover that humanity as a whole is a jewel.  And each and every living thing; plant, animal, human, insect etc. has something to offer the whole.  Its unique beauty and wisdom contributes to the collective.  Our diversity is the key to our freedom.  In one instant we can have peace on earth, just through honoring one another.  

We have been telling a story to each other that has many chapters… each one connected to the illusion that someone needs to be right and someone else is wrong.  But the true story, the one that will save our planet is not in duality…..but in our sameness.  Our oneness and uniqueness at the same time.  

If you were to hold a sphere or ball in your hands and one of the points on the sphere were missing, it would no longer be complete.  It’s the same for humanity.  Think of us as a sphere and each person holds a space in that sphere or collective.

I ask you this…. why is it we all look at the odd or different person as weird or strange.  In some ways if we fit the normal ‘profile’ in our clique or culture, then we are ‘part of the whole’ and at the same time we all clammer to and put great value on something that is rare or uncommon.  We all want to have something that no one else has.  This uniqueness gives it more value. Isn’t that a curious paradox?

Isn’t it interesting how a famous person needs to stand out and have his or her signature in order to be famous and successful and at the same time if someone walks down the street wearing anything but nondescript street clothes they are judged or worse feared.  We treasure difference and at the same time find a sort of terror in it.

Underneath all of the stories we have been told, and the stories we tell, the stories we judge ourselves and others by there is a truth.

For just a moment imagine humanity as one race of beings… that you are a part of.  Each of us connected via our One Heart and One Mind… one Breath.

Feel in your being that you are truly a part of a larger whole.  This true story is one that can never change…. we are Love and we all have a deep desire to love.  Where you don’t find love you will see a shadow and behind the object causing the shadow there is light ~ love. 

So, back to the Life is Hard on Purpose concept.  Every struggle you have is designed, by you, to get you to look more deeply inside yourself.  Wading thru the rubble of stories and concepts that keep you from being the love that you are. Look beyond the objects that are causing a shadow.  If you can see each of your challenges, whether a person or a situation, as an opportunity to see a space within you where there may be an object casting a shadow your perspective of life can shift. 

During a drumming workshop I drummed around each participant in the class as they held their drum.  And it was mentioned how they could feel my drum vibrating their drum.  Each of us in our thoughts, words and actions vibrate out into our surroundings,  and contribute to the whole.  The question is…. what are you contributing?  When we tell ourselves that we are separate it’s as if we don’t have to be responsible for our actions…but if you consider that you are a part of the whole things change.  As a responsible being…. aware of your contribution in the world, what do you want to add to your world?  

What is your gift?  What is your joy?  What is your passion?

Imagine that we, humanity are creating a collective soup.  And each person is responsible for adding their unique flavor.  I think we each can be proud to be adding something yummy and satiating to the collective kettle of life.

Constantly focusing on what is wrong is adding this wrongness to the mix of humanity. 

Focusing on what is working in your life is adding a dash of gratitude and gratitude opens hearts.

Open hearts pour forth and receive infinite love.