Just for a moment

Just for a moment



Just for a moment take my hand and let me take you home to yourself.


I am the Archangel Zadkiel, I know the way well.


Just for a moment come home to your heart.


In the beginning…. you were created of Light and Love.

That Light and Love can never be extinguished, nor altered, nor dimmed; it is your pure potential ~ your consciousness.


Walls can be erected and truths forgotten, but you shall never be less than brilliant throughout eternity.

Please take a moment to remember… take my hand I’ll help you find your way.


Just open your heart to my energy and breathe your self home.  Home is within you.

All that you desperately search for on your outward journey is within your Being-ness.

Some may call it coming home to God, some to the Divine or All That Is. The names are endless, and I say it matters not what name you call it, but what you feel. There is no word that could convey or describe your magnificence. Coming home to yourself is The Way.  


The pressure in life that you are feeling and experiencing is your resistance to your truth and the consequences of your attempts at numbing down and/or isolating your Light.

The chaos in the world is the reflection of these endeavors.


The path of humanity has chosen many varied ways to keep from knowing it’s essence.

Famine, war, cruelty and abuse, shame, conditional love, barbaric attempts to health and wellness, and now chemicals.  Chemicals in food and drink, drugs, water, air…. endless techniques to keep you asleep and unaware, deadened to your Love Light.  Your quest for clean food and drink is another subject, your awareness is of utmost importance.


To know that what you are consuming and ingesting is a huge part of your inability to remember is key.  It is also important not to loose your focus by feeling anger and vengeful toward others for these deeds.  For the anger, vengeance and dis~compassion will also become your poison.


You are the Light.  You are Love. You are powerful.  Believe in yourself.  Stay strong in your knowingness and dim your Love Light to no thing or no one.  Always remember your Love Light.  Your Love Light is as powerful as the grandest tsunami and soft as a breeze from a butterfly’s wing.


I invite you to take a moment and join me for a brief inner journey/meditation.


Imagine yourself as a pillar of Light…. a mile high.  Imagine that within this pillar is all that ever was and all that ever will be.  Imagine that you contain the pure potential of the universe.  Feel your vibrant energy.  Feel the great potential you have through your ability to be and know Love.  Image that the part of you that has believed that it was small and outside of this magic of Light and Love reaches within and finds a beautiful diamond like crystal with it’s own unique configuration.  You take this crystal, which is connected to a cord of rainbow Light.  As the plug comes closer to your pillar you feel a magnetic pull and the connection is perfect and flawless. Feel the intense power that the Love Light holds.  Feel it feeding your human body and mind with the brilliance of the Love Light within your pillar.  An unfoldment takes place and now you feel your connection with all that is.  You are in a Oneness with the Universe, you are the Universe.  It is from this connection that all will be healed.  And you only need to Be.


Great Blessings on your journey,

back home to the place you never left.


I am Archangel Zadkiel

You are the Love Light

via Janet Gardner and Meredith Altimari