Happiness is not found in time…


… it is found within the present moment, as a doorway opens to your soul. There is no time here. Have you ever lost track of time because you are so filled with joy and love? You slip out of time and into the potential of your true self via you connection to all that is.

In focusing on the moment it’s the same as in quantum physics only with consciousness…you open a doorway to the next and the next and the next level of consciousness… going deeper into opportunity and potential.

In quantum physics you can expand outwards from the self, town, state…..earth, galaxy, universe…. and into an infinite space. Or, you can to inward to your cells, atoms, electrons….infinitely.

If you don’t get swept out of the moment by emotions…by going into the past or future….you have an entry point into truth and power and wisdom/knowledge, creativity and manifestation. This is where joy if found because it’s your natural state of being. You will never find your joy down the road ~ in a new car, the perfect partner, home or with people who act and behave just the way you prefer : ) (in just one more hour I can leave this unpleasant situation and be happy) You cannot find happiness in this manner… it will always slip away.

By focusing on the moment, being present with our emotions, feeling them ~ allowing them and not judging them as bad nor good you transmute your emotions and transcend time and space ~ a door opens into peace, love and oneness. It is what we do not want to look at, feel, process and/or address that stands between us and the doorway into our being.

Depression is when you go into the past on a ribbon of your emotions and anxiety is when you go into the future. Neither of these places exist other than as a memory or an anticipated event.

When you don’t want to be here in the present moment…you are then no where. If you are nowhere you have no power or ability to

create what you wish for. You end up creating what you are doing in the moment by your thoughts/feeling/actions based on your feelings of the past or toward the future. NOT what we want for sure!

The Abraham material talks about being in your vortex. You know this by feeling joy. They also speak of rowing up stream or allowing the current carry you easily and effortlessly. You know you are in your vortex (connected to your spirit) or in the flow simply by your emotions. They are your navigational tool… your GPS. If you are in joy you are connected.

Point in being is….don’t hate your so called negative emotions…use them as a tool. They are uncomfortable for a reason!!!

This is why distraction is such a powerful tool for anyone who wishes to manipulate and control others.

Janet Gardner