Finding order in chaos

Just as fear is an illusion (false evidence appearing real) is it possible that we have also made chaos a part of our life by vibrating to its energy?

As the vibrations of the earth rise and we move towards our enlightenment, we must learn to let go not only of fear but many of the beliefs that no longer serve us, and just be….
Things are happening much faster than before and time is actually moving faster than ever. You may have even noticed that sometime it seems like we are in a time warp, as if you are moving slower than that which is around you – or that time seems to stand still at times?
If we can learn to stay focused and in the moment we will be able to easily handle what ever comes to us.

I have discovered that for me – it's not about giving up or giving in but letting go. Giving up and giving in are about throwing ourselves and our power away. Letting go for me means tapping into my power and the powers of the universe.
Many of us have trained or have been trained for a life time – to be in control and to have things planned out not only for an hour or a day but weeks and months even years in advance. It is time to let go of this type of behavior, if you wish to be able to move in grace. No longer is it necessary to force things to be a certain way, it is a time of trusting the universe to provide all that you wish to have and need for your own nourishment on all levels.

Have you ever watched what you might call a control freak? How did they feel to you. Do you think that they get any joy from life, constantly trying to manipulate everything that comes into their path? Do they feel happy and content? Do you think that they know joy and peace?

What would happen if you just stopped doing and started being? If you started to just do as things as they came up? What types of changes do you feel it would make in your life?
If you visualize a river flowing…like the river of your life. Can you stand back outside of your self and see your life? How does it make you feel. What is it that you do not like about what you see? If you saw yourself jumping in to your river of life and decided to swim with the water instead of against it what do you think would happen.
If you are constantly blocking what is coming to you, because your are so busy planning, you will miss it completely, without even knowing that it was there for you, what spirit and your higher self was handing you, for just being. If you allow Spirit into your life and trust that it will provide it will. It may not come in the form that you thought, because we are unable to comprehend the complexity of the universe and what it has to offer and in what package it may come.

When it comes to stress from what we perceive as chaos, we may think we all have it, but it is more like we allow it, what if you just decided that it wasn't for you? What if you decide right now that stress is not something you care to partake in? What if you just let it go? What do you think would happen? I try not to stress over whether I can do everything I set out to do, as I found it made me so tired I couldn't complete half of what I normally do. Being in fear drains us of energy! When we are in the flow of this so called river, things just move easier and allow us to accomplish much more in less time with energy and time to spare. Part of being in this energy also includes being grateful for the gifts that do come to us.
What we see and hear each day affects us on many levels and how it affects us depends on how we assimilate it. What we decide to think of it and if we allow it into our consciousness. Do we just take it and stuff it in a corner to be dealt with later? What if we choose not to? What if we just decide that we are not going to be a part of it?

What we need will just come to us. This is about trust. Do you feel that you can plan for what you need better than God? I do not feel that we are able to even glimpse the vastness and complexity of who we really are and what the possibilities available to us are! It dawned on me one day that all of this time I though I could plan for myself and make things work out better than our Creator.

We have always been taught that you must work hard for all that you have and if you don't you do not deserve what comes. This is simply not true. You do not know what the universe has to offer you just for being. We are such wonderful beings of light, God's creations. I believe that God would want nothing less but for you to be in a place of total bliss. We can learn our lessons easily if we pay attention to the subtleties of life. We do not have to have someone or something knock us for a loop if we pay attention to what is happening energetically.

If you spent no time worrying and just spent your time being, how much excess energy do you think you would have? How much energy to you think you expend on planning, re-planning and constantly trying to juggle things when they fall apart? When what we plan is not perfect truth, then there will be a constant struggle to compensate for the energies that do not flow. As soon as you have any sort of conflict to truth there will be a necessity for compensation.

In your daily routine, how much of it is just done because it is what you always do? What if you just did things as they needed to be done and not because you just always do it? What if you started to look at all the things you do out of habit?
If you spend time in the now, and look at what you are doing as you do it and see it for what it really is, without worrying about what you have to do next or should have done or could be doing you will start to see the joy of the moment. Why go through all the motions without the reward of being present? To see and smell and touch and feel. Feel the energies on a finer level. To see things for what they are on a much deeper level. If you are not doing this you are missing the joy and peace of life.

I would like you to make an effort once a day, no matter how small, but something you feel comfortable with, to just let go and see what comes to you. Sometimes we may suffer the immediate consequences of not doing what others expect us to do but in the long term the benefits will make themselves known.

Janet Gardner