Essential Oils

water drop cut       …are wondrous messengers of pure Love!

In and of themselves essential oils do not heal us, but instead facilitate our own self-healing abilities as with any healing modality.  They awaken memories and stir our soul to see what is often right in front of us.  They help us let go of burdens that weight us down.

The pure vital essence of plants act as a bridge between the solar/spiritual aspect of our beings and the physical/soul vessel of our being.  During their life they take in the pure vital life force energy of the sun, draw up nutrients from the nurturing life force of the earth and through the magic of photosynthesis create their own unique form.  The properly distilled essential oil from these gifts of nature retain that vital life force energy.  These gentle healers bring us into vibration with the unseen worlds and the comfort and companionship of angelic beings.  Like angels, their energy descends and wafts about us, bringing gifts of calm, peace and serenity, helping to open our hearts to love.

Therapeutic and sensory use of essential oils can help establish a new sense of self.  The miraculous energy transmitted through the essential oils can help raise our body’s vibratory frequency to fight off sickness, disease and physical discomfort, working through our dense physical body.  Through the subtle energy bodies, aromatic oils awaken stored memories and aid in releasing associated emotional trauma.  Within the higher realms of our human energy field these highly vibrating oils work to expand our conscious awareness and raise the vibrational frequency of our entire being.  We become aware that life is not a continuous series of struggle, trials and tribulations but indeed an adventure in consciousness.

Oftentimes angelic beings passing through leave their calling card through scent.  This “scentsual” hallmark is a deliciously sweet joyful note that fills the air about us with an incredible and indescribable waft of scent, more beautiful than the finest jasmine.  The volatile nature of these high frequency healers brings us into intimate alignment with our energy bodies…our light bodies…the life of spirit, the creative mind and the physical body, working their magic through the unconscious mind and the sacred heart.

Open yourself to the joy and healing power available to all beings on earth through the aromatic plant essences offering their gifts in the name of Divine Love. I have worked with different essential oils and have had wonderful success using them in conjunction with my healing work.

Essential oils work vibrationally and each specific oil or oil blend works in different ways.  Each of us are different in our needs and you will be guided to the specific oil that is right for you.

May you find comfort in the use of essential oils as I have found..