Energy Healing

In general a healing occurs because healing energies are channeled from Source through an energetic channel, your facilitator/healer. The healer then directs these energies and works with the client to support their healing process.  Helping them to release disharmonious energies that prevent the client from moving forward in life. These blocks can exist on different levels of the human energy field and are what cause dis-ease and mental and emotional conditions that color our world.  Energy travels through energetic channels, within the body, known as meridians. The healing energies also work on a cellular and nuclear level, changing and upgrading our DNA. Many people are awakening at this time, becoming more enlightened and expanding into a higher realms of consciousness. These people are looking to move beyond limitations of fear, the need to control, allowing the ego to be in charge and the dualities that currently exist in the minds of many. They are piercing the veil of these illusions. The energies that come from within, from the Heart of Source, truly empower us and allow us to see that we are truly One with our Creator. We have all come here to experience different situations and have different things to accomplish. In our awaking we are discovering what that is for each of us individually.

Balancing your bodies on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual will help you function with more ease in your lives.  Sleep patterns will improve and life takes on a whole new meaning. By seeing everything in a “new light” your ability to be compassionate grows. As we move more fully into love and trust we also step into the flow of life. Things start to “run” more smoothly and become synchronistic. Everything around us starts to improve and we begin to manifest things in our life that come from this new way of be-ing, rather than manifesting that which comes from fearful thinking. We are creators far beyond our ability to comprehend. Knowing we are the creators of our lives helps us to realize we are at the helm of our own lives.  Imagine focusing all of your energy into being loving and compassionate and creating all that you desire in your life by giving energy to the thoughts of what you would love to have instead of what you fear. Lessons needing to be learned are done so easily and without the need of dramatic situations to bring us into realization. What we give energy and thought to is exactly how we create, whether it is something we desire or fear!

Try to remember and know that fear is only an illusion.  Working with a healer or on your own with your guides and angels will help you to shift these energies and old programming. The old habits of stuffing emotions and not dealing with things that come up in our daily lives are becoming something of the past. We no longer can hold on to these types of energies because the energy of earth is rising and so is that of mankind. Harboring such energies are becoming more and more difficult and uncomfortable on many levels. It actually takes a lot of energy to hold onto fear and anger because coming from a place of love is our natural state and it takes a lot of energy to be something we are not! Learn to feel the type of energy you attach to each thought and interaction you have and identify whether it is your own truth. Is it of mass consciousness?  Is it from family and friends?  Does it even belong to you?  These are important questions and it’s important to know the answers. If it is not your truth release it, let it go.  In this way you will constantly move forward and live YOUR truth.  It is important not to judge what you uncover, but Love what presents itself and give it the nurturing,  healing space it requires in order to be healed.

Many times we hear something and accept it as our own without question. This can be as simple as someone telling you something and your not stopping to “feel” if it resonates with your own beliefs. Try to take the time to feel, use your own intuition by running things through your own filter before accepting something as your truth. This does not mean judging others, for we all have the freedom to live what is truth for ourselves. When we come from a place of unity, we melt away duality. Gone are the days of right and wrong, this way or that, my way or no way. Duality no longer serves us. Take each circumstance and each thought  that comes from within and evaluate it from your heart center and feel if it is your truth, if not, let it go.

When you come into a situation that has many different opinions, take a moment to bring in all of the energies of each opinion and sit with it a moment. Feel the wholeness that comes with all the different, but connected thoughts and truths. There will be a sense of harmony to this. When we have truly found the love within, you will no longer feel the need to be right, but be able to comfortably be a part of the whole. Compassion will fill the space and love will be the energy that transcends time and moves mountains.

The energies of Love have magnetic properties that go out into the universe from your heart and come back to your heart center, bringing with it everything you desire….your heart’s desire – like a vortex of compression and expansion. It is as if these energies keep building and building, sending out more and more love and bringing it back ten fold, all the time creating harmony with all that is around you.  This is how we will transform the earth and all of its inhabitants and bring us into a place of Peace on Earth…..