Deep Within You A River Flows…


where it goes only you will know.

When you shift your focus from the outside world of chaos, lack and greed

to your inner world of love, peace and oneness

a twinkling river of magic and knowledge

gives way to a world yet to be experienced.


Im here ~ deep within you…


Just shift your focus from the outside world,

listen to my promise of a life you can not only dream ~ but create …. a world yet left unseen.


Feel my love!

See my sparkle!

Know my magical waters lead you into a place so divine and full of life

you will tingle with excitement when you dare to try.


I am not of a dream any more than your world of chaos and turmoil.


Shift your focus softly to me ~

feel my warmth,

know your truth.


This is where you are from.

The lie is done !


Come ~

Come with me….

Let me take you on a journey into a world of Peace


Oneness ~


You are me ~

I am you ~

We are one ~

The lie is done….


A river flows ~

where it goes only you will know.

Just take the time to connect to me

You will find me in your stillness

Come with me, it quietly and patiently says,

connect to me ~ feel the excitement, joy and love.



I await you…..


Janet Gardner 1/2/13