Creating Peace at Home

A message From The Annassa Soul Family
Channeled by Meredith Towle Altimari

Hello and greetings Light Whispers Readers we are spiritual beings from the soul family of Annassa. Today we would like to share a message to assist you in creating peace at home and how doing so will create peace upon Earth. To begin we would like for you to hold the image of Yin and Yang in your mind. Then think of the Yin half as being peace and Yang half as being chaos. Peace is the polar opposite of chaos and each energy exists to balance the other. One would not be able to appreciate and conceptualize the energy of peace without appreciating and conceptualizing the energy of chaos. Each teaches us of the other.

You have traveled to Earth to do the work of the Divine. Knowing this, one might question why peace appears to be out of reach from time to time. Surely doing the work of the Divine would be a peaceful act. Wouldn't it? Each day, media reports chaotic events from around the globe. As you are experiencing these media segments by watching them on television, reading a newspaper, listening to the radio, or over-hearing another individuals conversation about chaos, the energetic space around your body acts like a tape recorder and is recording all of this information. As this chaotic information is absorbed through the layers of energy around your body, your spiritual mind begins recording the information as well until eventually, the energy of chaos is absorbed into your physical body. Once in the physical body, a conditioned physical response to fear begins to flow in your body and then out to the same layers of energy the information came in through. At this time, your conditioned fear response is added to the chaotic energy growing it exponentially as other physical beings do the same. As this energy builds in size the potential for a new chaotic event to take place is set into motion. This is not wrong or bad, it is the way of the energetic universe. We hope it will relieve you to know the opposite of what we just described works just as efficiently.

We would like you to now set an intention to become aware of how often you are in the vicinity of a chaotic event or within the vicinity of a report on a chaotic event. Setting this intention will heighten your senses and you will become finely attuned to recognizing any chaotic energy around you. Once recognized, we would like for you to transmute the energy of chaos to peace. You can do this very simply by reciting the word peace over and over, thinking a joyful thought, feeling the love you have for your partner or child, or by praying. By making this shift when you sense chaos around you, you are bringing balance to chaos. As in the balance of Yin and Yang. When you first begin setting your intention to recognize chaos, you may find you miss many of the events that occurred throughout your day. So, for the first few days, set a few moments aside to be silent and uninterrupted while consciously channeling the energy of peace into your body, mind, and spirit. It may be wise to adopt this exercise as a permanent part of your day, however, it is not necessary if you are balancing chaos as soon as it arrives on your spiritual doorstep.

We also recommend trying an experiment for one week in your home. Each time chaos presents itself in your home life, respond to it in a peaceful way. For example: If your children are arguing and fighting, guide them to a peaceful solution. If your puppy gets into the trash, find a way to secure the trash barrel. If you feel stressed at the end of your day, channel love into your being. We think you get the idea of what we mean. Your choice to replace stress with love for yourself will change the energy of your conditioned fear responses to a peaceful energy that travels out into the layers of energy around your body. All who come in contact with this energy of peace you generated will take a small part of it with them and share it with others. In the course of one day, your expression of peace could travel the globe and you will have been responsible for creating peace at home and on Earth. The energy of peace may seem small but it is ever mighty. Our love and blessings to you all ~ Annassa