Chemtrail Savvy

 Chemtrail Savvy


Clouds of Love infusing Earth ~ a planet we call home.


As with anything in your world that you do not feel is in harmony with a healed and whole Earth ~ our greatest effort in healing is always steeped in Love.


“Love is the energy of healing within us All”


Please join us in this project of Loving back to wholeness.


Let’s put to good use the science of chemtrails to our advantage.  By sending your heart’s vital essence of Love rather than anger, hate or feelings of disempowerment and/or resentment, which in turn is infused into everything around the earth ~ please join us in sending Love to these chemtrails.


If the concept of chemtrails is to deflect heat away from the Earth to prevent global warming, lets also use them to reflect love back to the Earth.  What ever you project out into the world aways comes back to you in some form or another. 


Let’s project love…


Each time you see anything in the world you do not Love… send it love.

In this case, chemtrails.  We know this is a very controversial subject and those who have looked into it may think of them as having many harmful chemicals that could cause considerable problems in our atmosphere and on Earth.


Each time you notice chemtrails take the opportunity to open your heart and send love to them in order to transmute them into clouds of healing energy and see these clouds infusing the Earth and Humanity with Universal Love and healing. Use a visual that your unique and essential essence of Love, which is a vital and integral part of the human collective, is being sent out and reflected back to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


Now imagine that millions of people across the globe join you in sending love… together as one human collective, we join as one to Love our planet back into wholeness and heal our beautiful Home that we call Earth.


With open hearts and a willingness to share our Love we can create miracles ~ just by doing what comes natural… Loving.


Blessings ~