Boundaries vs Boundless~ness

 Boundaries vs Boundless~ness


As soon as we set boundaries we create a line to be crossed.


Einstein gives light to the idea that a problem is never solved in the energy it was created….so shifting and/or changing boundaries is still setting boundaries and creating a place for a line to be crossed. We are still existing in the same vibrational world or frequency….that of fear. That of separation. 


When we show up with boundaries we create invitations and opportunities for people to cross or challenge them.  It is in our defending that we give fuel to the very thing we do not want.  Depleting us of our energy and causing us to feel like a victim.


Being in and of our essence is boundless so we meet people at the level or vibration of our Being~ness or Love.


Being open and of your essence allows others to meet us where we are…and having a conscious awareness of your Being~ness will allow you to be informed by your higher presence, the truth of who you are.  Your all knowing essential self.


This act alone will quell the busy mind and the endless thoughts will slip away, leaving you connected to the truth of who you are.  You will be informed of what you need to know.


I believe we get treated the way we show up.  When we show up in our truth it invites others to connect to the truth of who we are.  The truth I speak of is not more rules, boundaries nor opinions, but Truth ~ boundlessness, all accepting, compassionate, and with an awareness of the essential being of the other.  The rest is just stories, illusion and ideas and reasons for separation.  Ego generated ideas created to make us feel superior….coming from a deeply generated, shadowy idea that we are less than.  The ego prefers to be right, it has no concerns for truth only validation for the stories it creates to support delusional ideas. 


Simply learn to feel your self from the inside out…in all situations.  Practice feeling your own inner light, vibration, frequency.  It lies beneath the endless mind chatter.  


“Love is the essence of healing within us all”

 janet gardner