As the hearts of humanity open ~

As the hearts of humanity open ~ Peace will come….


As each of you awaken to your love and share that love with every man woman and child, every creature on the Earth and the Earth herself, you shall find not only peace within but peace on Earth.


Each of you, through your own unique vibration of Love, holds an essential part of the key that will unlock the doorway to Peace on Earth.  


Your love contribution to the whole matters.

In the process of sharing you will heal yourself and help others to awaken to their

divinity too. This is your gift to humanity…… 


See your Love as a petal on a flower that holds the Earth.  The flower will be fully open when each of your petals connects and the sweet scent of Love will envelope the planet and you shall know Peace on Earth.  


As you come together in Love in greater numbers, the easier it will be for those who still live in darkness to break free from the grip of fear and feel safe enough to be the Love that they were born to be. 


“Love is the essence of healing within us All”


Archangel Zadkiel 

via Janet Gardner