The Alchemy of Peace


Author Unknown

The Alchemy of Peace

You’ll find me in sweet surrender.

Peace isn’t something that you wait for ~
Peace happens when you harmonize the polarity within.

Peace is the blending of what we have been taught are opposites.

True peace is in the acceptance of all things, and in the choosing of what’s right for you.

Peace is what happens when you see darkness in the light
and light within the darkness.

When you see fire and water come together and bring loving warmth to the emotions.

Peace is an acceptance that nothing is truly opposite …

Only misunderstanding knows how to fight.

And perhaps the real fight is our own inner fear of what to choose.

The ocean never resists the tides nor do we find the moon vying with the sun.

They all work together in a symphony, as does the breath when it rises and falls… finding rest between the pause of their own return.

Today you can let go of resistance where you knew not it existed and judgment as it drags you down

May you behold the deliciousness of your own stillness within.

Janet Gardner