The most precious gift.



It’s been on my mind lately.

What is the most powerful Gift we can give to ourselves and others?

When did we learn to be so full of cynicism, when did that replace the concepts of faith and trust? Love and belief in the miraculous? The very ideals that give us our power as humans to create the change we all desire.


These unifying principles are at the core of our truth as sentient beings.

Constant exposure to negativity breaks us down and disconnects us from our true spirit. It keeps us powerless and stuck, unable to heal and create from our loving connection to the Divine, our Light.

Our gaze, our focus on another is like a highlighter for the recipient. If we desire love and respect, the best from another, help them to find it within so they may give this precious gift to the world.

For many you may be the first person to see their greatness, their potential.

This is the biggest gift you can give and receive. Now giving and receiving becomes One, and they will mirror back what you are seeing in them.

You’ll feel so much better!

After all it is the season….

“Love is the Essence of healing within us All”

Janet Gardner