Sacred Truth



Sacred Truth

I’ve been sensing a theme on Earth that seems to be sweeping humanity to the core. It’s about truth. It’s one thing to be in your truth and tell the truth to others, but it’s another kind of truth to be sure you are being honest with yourself. I wonder how often we state things in our own defense to perpetuate an illusion, a story we tell to help us define and protect ourselves. To mask our vulnerabilities.

Raw truth. Sacred Truth.

A truth that exposes our deepest insecurities….a truth that will change as we evolve and go deeper within our own Being and understand our essence on deeper levels.

I believe this is the road to ultimate self-healing and the healing of our miraculous planet Earth.

Here’s to uncovering the sacred truth within.

Sacred Truth….

A Truth that illuminates our deepest knowing. A truth that when told heals our pain and allows us to share the Love that we are.

Does the “truth” that you tell help to perpetuate something so deep you can’t even admit it to yourself? Does it keep you hiding in the shadows of your own making?

Or, does it free you in ways that allow you to soar and define your Spirit, your Soul, your Essence?

Only your heart knows and….

“Love is the essence of healing within us All“



Janet Gardner