Turning the Tables




Our diversity is the very thing that makes us powerful, individually and collectively.
We have been fooled into thinking that being different is to be looked down at, ridiculed and ostracized. This sort of thinking has held us captive and disempowered Humanity. It has kept us separate and turned us into haters, when the truth of who we are is Love.
Love is Power. Love has an innate intelligence which nourishes and provides. Love is all inclusive, moves stagnant energy and empowers All.
Our diversity allows each of us to bring something to the collective… so that we can thrive as a Human family. We become enriched by each other!
Our power lies in our differences, it’s our gift to the world. The world is diverse for our greatest pleasures. This is evident in all of Creation.
Division keeps us in negativity that tears down, drags down… pulls us away from joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance and Unity Consciousness. Division lessens, starves and strangles, spawns hatred and causes war and destruction.
To survive and thrive we must Love and care for one another. We need each others support to lift each precious Being into their wholeness so they may step forward with their offerings.
Your every nuance is your gift to the world. Your unique perspective, talent, passion, drive…adds to and enriches the whole.
Our sensitivities and unique ideas have been made fun of, thwarted, chastised in ways that have caused deep pain and woundedness. Many have spent a lifetime in withdrawal. We need to get in touch with these things. Feel what hurts or makes you feel like you are going to loose your mind… on the other side of that is a gift, waiting to be unveiled.
The next time you choose to criticize, hate or reject a fellow human, group of humans or a loved one… take a deeper look beneath the fear and anger and ponder what he or she or they might have to offer our beautiful planet.
Let’s turn the tables in our favor, in the favor of Love, cohesiveness, and plenty.