From Hourglass to Infinity




From Hourglass to Infinity ~
Is the struggle real?

I’m feeling the vastness of energy ~ potential ~ resources, available to each and every one of us. Just by opening up and receiving from our soul. Forget the small self with it’s small agenda, it’s small complaints and lack of wisdom and shallow view. Stuck in the old 3D world with small problems that cast shadows across a vast expanse. All of this is like living in a microscopic world compared to the truth of you Being. We have been taught to shrink ourselves down so that we feel small in comparison to something we perceive is so much bigger than us. We have been taught the struggle is real.

We can live life from our greatest expanse or live life from a fragmented concept of our mind.

It’s a big step to wander off of this antiquated and well worn path. I invite you to break free from this out dated concept and live life from your souls perspective, using the vast and full potential of your greater self.

Open up to receive your soul’s love, wisdom and power to transform through its intrinsic nature.

Dismantle the dam that has been created between you and your source. Your troubles, challenges and concerns will be swept away by a tsunami of love and light like the smallest grain of sand.

I can see that the outside world has trained us to look to someone/something bigger than we are to save us, to guide us. We have been misdirected and have orphaned ourselves from our power. The truth is we are that power already. We struggle and fight our way through life with just the tinniest speck of our potential. Always remaining smaller than that which we wish to change and/or transform. We view our challenges as greater than we are…. which is only a perspective. If you think of yourself as small and powerless that is how it will remain.

I invite you to renew your vision, with an advanced image of the relationship between you and your challenges. See yourself transmuting them with your powerful and loving attention. It’s time for a role reversal. Imagine you are greater than your problems on a regular basis. Create a new reality! You can shift discordant energies with grace and ease rather than struggle and resistance.

Take a moment when you can and feel yourself opening to a vast reservoir of Love, Light and Potential that dwells within you. You were born with this and will never be separate from it…. it cannot be taken from you.

It is time to awaken to the truth of who we are….

We are no longer the hour glass, living with a few bits of potential at a time we are boundless, free flowing and infinitely renewable.