Peace and Stillness




Peace and Stillness
As I journey into peace and stillness I am discovering more about what it means to surrender. When we allow ourselves some space to unwind so much of what we are emerges. Being peace and stillness isn’t a goal in as much as you train yourself to be calm and loving. Trying to overcome stress, anxiety, fear and anger by controlling them just adds to the load of responsibility we already have. These are just more masks we wear in the world which will eventually crumble, leaving us raw and vulnerable with our original wounds.
My suggestion is to mediate in a surrendered state. Allowing what ever presents its self your full and undivided presence. No matter if it comes from your chatterbox mind, wounded inner child, or things spinning in your energy field. Listen without engaging. The way we might give ourselves over to listening to a child, friend, lover or boss. Listen like your life depended on it. There is nothing more Divine than having someone listen to you unconditionally, without distraction. It’s fulfilling, nourishing and healing.
Eventually after you have listened long enough, without engaging there will be a softening. What could be a bigger gift than to hold space for yourself? Really listen without judging… the way you would like to be treated by another. That special person who really gets you. I grew up with a saying, “treat others the way you would treat yourself”. I’m not so sure that isn’t what we are already doing… if we cannot be loving, present, kind and understanding with ourselves how can we ever do that for others?
In stillness I have found that Loving others is a natural outward expression of my inner world. Complete surrender to your deepest inner truth, unencumbered, will lead you to your soul’s divine expression of Love, Peace and Oneness with all.

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