The Chaos of Awakening




The Chaos of Awakening

The chaos of awakening is a dynamic and sacred process. The incoming light touches places deep within where raw and tender wounds have remained shrouded. Once touched they can no longer comfortably dwell.

We can use this contrast beautifully, as a springboard into the light.

Agitated and aroused we can lash out in fear and anger, as touching the sacred within can be inconvenient and messy.

Once set in motion this dance of the emotions becomes larger than the life we once knew and can never again be put back. It must be transmuted by the love of the one who has kept it. What ever we own is ours and ours alone. It is the keeper’s responsibility to love, nurture and guide it to and through their heart.

The more our heart opens the more we help others to awaken their sacred space…again creating a dynamic and unstoppable process of healing within. We lash out or run…hide from or strike at the ones who dare touch us with a Love so deep and pure that it ignites our pain.

What can be more sacred than a Love so brave?

Where ever we are from moment to moment in the great cycle of awakening, so shall we be, as the awakener or the one awakening. Perhaps like giving and receiving there is no real difference …. Love is our guide, the answer and the Way.

Cherish and hold space for yourself where every you may wander within your process…. hold it dear. Have faith, wonderment, keep your connection to the miraculous and Love fiercely …. as the Divine awakens within.