Self Rejection and Creating Change



Self Rejection and Creating Change

Rejection comes in many forms. It can be blatant, subtle or completely unknown, as it lives in plain sight.

We tend to criticize parts of ourselves for not being better or smarter, more agreeable, prettier, healthier, wealthier or wiser, when in reality we are rejecting a part of us.

In order to feel whole, happy and joyful we cannot be at odds within.

For instance, I’ll use my own well worn path of poverty consciousness. I realize now I cannot disrespect or want to disown or even be embarrassed about a part of who I am or have been and make progress in this regard. Thinking that I can become abundant while in contrast with a resonance of poverty that lives within me is energetically impossible.

Contrast is how life evolves on our beautiful Earth, and there certainly is no lack in this arena. I believe the way through this is wholeness. We can learn to enjoy and nurture the resonances of contrast within us. They are our teachers and are linked to old patterns that have been on earth for eons. We need forgiveness and gratitude when it comes to the achievements we seek.

In this way, the places where we are out of harmony within become the fertile soil for the seeds of what we wish to blossom into. Poverty, when in harmony with prosperity, becomes what stimulates the seed of prosperity to take root, sprout and thrive.


I am feeling _______ and wish to become _______.

I now welcome _____ and ______ to exist within me and I hold a loving space for them both, in order for me to heal, grow and evolve into my greatest desire.

May their combined resonances (energies) provide fertile ground for ________ (that which I wish to become).