I breathed the universe…




I want to share something that has happened but I cannot find the words.

I had a realization that each of us are here, our spark of light, for a very sacred and profound reason. To share our love, our love is what transmutes the fear and chaos of the world. We have no other purpose other than love. Anything else is a distraction.

We are not separate in any way from anything here on earth or anything that is in existence in the entirety of all that is. I went to such a profound place and have realized that all things are deeply sacred, not one thing excluded.

In this place I breathed in the universe and on my exhale the universe breathed me. It was such a moving experience… as if I was a wave rising up on the ocean to return again and again to the sea. At the same time the Universe became the wave and returned again and again to me.

I know there is chaos in the world, but I can say this…. within the chaos we are the sacred at the same time. The uprising chaos is but the last vestiges of the war on love. And love wins as truth always does. Love wins within you and rises and falls upon your breath. Each of us… our collective breath, our collective love.

You are light and this light is everywhere. It cannot be stopped.


What is this little spark of light (of mine) doing in this Universe? What am I doing here on Earth?

My essence is spread to the stars and beyond… therefore I cannot be separate.

I am breathing the universe and the universe breaths me.

What does it mean to surrender?

Why Am I here?

What do I Love?

What can I love about myself and my life just the way it is?

What if I took why? and want out of my vocabulary and replaced it with trust and acceptance?

Surrendering to every moment just as it is… Divine Perfection.

Gather myself and gather my multidimensional awareness to this moment… every moment.


When I wrote these notes something awakened in me.

What does it truly mean to surrender? Can you surrender every thought and knowing you have, as if it were to simply vanish.

What is on the other side of these? What exists within all things?

I tell you…. it is just the sacred within each of us.

We, each of us collectively, are Humanity. We may have forgotten who and what we are, but not for long…. not for long.

May we rise up … our collective wave and be breathed by the Universe, and may we… Humanity take our sacred breath together as we breath in the Universe… and so it shall be.