A Center created for the remerging of Humanity, Nature and Spirit                                         

                                          …. a coming home to wholeness 

 our sacred home

I have created this website as a venue to assist you in discovering your Soul Essence and to have an understanding of my work….an extension of my own growth and self discovery.  

And now the vehicle of my growth has created a container ~ in which Our Sacred H ~ Om as been born ~ a Center ~ for the ‘remerging’ of humanity nature and spirit.  A place to support you in getting back to your roots. Our connection to the earth, the animals and spirit cannot be ignored if we are to find true peace on this Sacred place we call Home!

With Om being the sound of the universe…. it made sense to me to call it:

Our Sacred H ~ Om

It is my deepest knowing that the course of humanity is in the process of the discovery of our divine potential through the awareness of the expanded Heart.  This includes a remerging and actualization of human potential.

Within this Sacred Heart lies our connection to our Earthly Home, Spirit and all of it’s inhabitants.

As we, humanity, begin to discover our divine nature and attune to our origins, we truly begin to celebrate ourselves. Peace on Earth will be a natural extension of this revelation!

There are many diverse levels of consciousness within all of humanity. As each of us become unified and healed within ourselves and share this with the world, we then become a responsible Galactic Citizen.  We become one with humanity, the world and the Universe.  We begin to think globally rather than just for our individual needs and concerns. As we seek compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness towards ourselves and others and live from our heart centered place of Love….  true love, we experience true freedom. The freedom to be joyful, the freedom to live a life of abundance and prosperity and the freedom to truly know we are One.  

It is important to understand the we have confused the meaning of love with an emotion.  The love that I am speaking of is a vibration.  It is unconditional, and has no terms.  It cannot be given nor taken away.  It just is! It is our natural state of Being. 

Please understand that the diversity that exists here on our planet Earth is held sacred by the Divine…created by the Divine…. as a platform for us to truly know and understand who we are and who we are not. The chaos and conflict that we are experiencing is a result of the fear we hold and the judgment that we project towards one another regarding our differences.  We will take a quantum leap in consciousness as we begin embracing and learning from our differences.  

We are evolving and growing! We are being provided all the necessary experiences and relationships to teach us about ourselves.  Each and every one of us playing an integral role in the evolution and ascension of the entire planet.  Embracing this idea and being deeply grateful through our Sacred Heart is the key to our freedom.  May we all experience the blessing of Grace as we embrace Peace, Love and Oneness with Humanity, Nature and Earth … 

Our Sacred H ~ Om   

I AM ~ Janet Gardner

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